MEdiassociates Village Project

We believe our success creates an opportunity and responsibility to help others.

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It Begins with
a Single Drop

From the office water cooler to the waterfall outside our building, the Mediassociates “village” benefits from an abundance of clean water. We've decided to share that wealth by uniting with a “sister” village of 250 people on a mountaintop in Honduras. 

Partnering with nonprofit World Vision, we’ve kicked off a multi-year relationship with the village of Pueblo Viejo by building a well and delivery system to deliver water to all households in the village. Beyond the fundamentals of water (and irrigation), the World Vision relationship will also teach sanitation health and techniques to generate higher crop yield, all leading to a future of economic empowerment. It’s a gift that has the potential to profoundly change lives, both theirs, and ours. And it all begins with a single drop.

Pueblo Viejo, Honduras

Pueblo Viejo, Honduras

Vision Trips

After months of anticipation, the first wave of Mediassociates employees were sent to Honduras on a journey to understand how our success as a media agency uplifts our adopted village of Pueblo Viejo. Although the trip was short in time, it was endless in memorable experiences. The team had the opportunity to visit Pueblo Viejo, witnessing the immense strength, courage and happiness of the Honduran people despite their living conditions.

The team for the first Mediassociates-World Vision trip to Pueblo Viejo in April 2018.

The team for the first Mediassociates-World Vision trip to Pueblo Viejo in April 2018.


As the trip unfolded we had the humbling experience of meeting our sponsored children for lunch which left us in a hopeful state of mind. Although we were prepped by our World Vision tour guide on the journey that we’d endure, nothing could have prepared us for what we witnessed when we arrived at the remote village of Los Planes. We learned about the daily struggles of those living in the community and how desperate they were for clean water. We left Los Planes to explore a village that had clean water and has gone through a THRIVE program, allowing them to learn sustainable economics through agriculture, providing further opportunities for the village and continuing to help others in need.


Pueblo Viejo Update.

In January of 2019 World Vision sent us a video update of the work taking place at our adopted village Pueblo Viejo.

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Interested in helping bring clean water and economic empowerment to Pueblo Viejo?